Doug Cloud Law – A Reputation You Can Trust

When people have a legal issue or a potential lawsuit, they often hesitate to get advice from a lawyer, too often to their detriment. The hesitation arises from the fear of getting enmeshed in a complicated, expensive legal quagmire with no end in sight.

The only way to avoid this fear is to hire an attorney capable of evaluating your entire situation and explaining it to you clearly. Clients need an attorney who can accurately assess the risks, costs and benefits of the various legal options available.

Doug Cloud has over 30 years experience advising and representing people in the most trying situations of their lives. He has represented people who have lost loved ones to a physician’s or hospital’s errors or those who have suffered horrible injuries as a result of prescription drugs. He has represented those wrongfully charged with crimes as well as those suffering the agony of a breaking marriage. He has represented whistle blowers who have refused to stand by and be party to their employer’s unethical and fraudulent actions. He has represented consumers cheated out of their home’s equity by unscrupulous builders or mortgage brokers. He has obtained compensation for people injured by defective products such as vehicles prone to rollovers or poorly designed appliances prone to causing house fires.

Doug has achieved outstanding results in all of the common situations in which ordinary people need legal representation. His wide legal experience allows him to spot issues and solutions many other attorneys can’t identify that may pertain to a client’s legal issue.

He knows that people can understand and make the right decisions, but only if they have a full understanding of their legal situation and the risks and opportunities each legal strategy entails.

Doug can tell you when you need to fight for justice, and when you need to be practical. But, he also knows that before he can advise you to do anything he first has to listen to you. Every person has a different case and a different personality. Each client is an individual who needs a careful consideration of his or her specific legal problem.

If you would like a free initial consultation to have Doug discuss your legal issue with you, please don’t hesitate to call today.