Criminal Law and DUI Defense

Are you facing a criminal charge for Driving Under Influence (DUI), or a domestic violence matter or something even more serious? What are your options? Should you hire an attorney? Should you give a statement to the police? What do you do?

Any time a person is facing a criminal charge they should consult with an attorney before doing anything else. A citizen facing criminal charges is at a severe disadvantage without an attorney. You need an attorney with experience and judgment to get the best outcome possible in what is, for most people, a very difficult situation.

Doug Cloud spent the first three years of his career as a deputy prosecuting attorney spending nearly every work day in court resolving cases where possible and trying cases where necessary. For the past 28 years, Doug has utilized his experience as a criminal trial attorney by successfully representing those facing criminal charges, including those charged with driving under influence, drug possession and criminal assault. He has represented people facing misdemeanor and felony charges of almost every variety.

You ordinarily cannot hope to successfully represent yourself in a criminal matter. You can only make your situation worse, unless you hire the right attorney.

Please don’t hesitate to call Doug Cloud for a complimentary phone consultation.