Divorce and Family Law

Are you considering a divorce? Or are you divorced and seeking advice on child support or parenting plan issues? You have came to the right place. Doug Cloud has represented people in family law cases for over 28 years. He has had numerous trials and appearances in court representing people dealing with divorce or child custody issues. His experience will give you an edge in any family law case. Doug knows these issues can be emotional for the client. He will help you keep your emotions under control by explaining your options clearly while directing you to the most logical solutions for your situation.

It is important for a person facing a divorce to speak with an attorney who can explain what may happen, what is likely to happen, and how to get through the process without unnecessary expense. Most people facing a divorce need this type of information promptly so that they have some basis for making the difficult decisions that come with divorce. An understanding of the process and the law governing divorce is vital for a person to understand so that he or she can properly address the financial, child custody and property division decisions that make divorce so difficult.

Doug knows divorce can be traumatic for the client. He also knows that the issues won’t go away and most people need strong representation to survive the process. Too often, logic can be overcome by emotion. Doug reminds each client of the importance of getting a fair property settlement in order that they can rebuild their life and provide for their future.

Doug Cloud has been representing people in family law matters for over 25 years. He has the legal skill and experience to get you through one of the most difficult situations you are ever likely to experience. Doug is not afraid to litigate aggressively on behalf of a client, but he also believes a lawyer should always keep in mind during a family law matter that unnecessary conflict should be minimized, if possible, and court is to be avoided if that can be done without harming the client’s interests.

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