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Legal action against a manufacturer of a defective product can be a daunting task as the manufacturer will often launch a vigorous defense at all costs to defeat the claim and save their reputation and bottom line. If you’ve been injured by a defective product or machine, you may be entitled to compensation, but you need an experienced product liability attorney at your side.

As a personal injury attorney with nearly forty years of experience, I have successfully fought product liability claims for my clients throughout Tacoma, Washington and the surrounding areas. If you live in Aberdeen, Olympia, Federal Way, or Gig Harbor, Washington, quality legal representation is just a short drive away.

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What is a Defective Product?

A defective product is an umbrella term for any product, machine, or piece of equipment that injures an individual or group of individuals by working incorrectly or abnormally. Examples of defective product injury can include:

  • A prescription drug that causes injury or death

  • A household appliance that causes a catastrophic house or building fire

  • An automobile model that often rolls over, causing death or severe injury to the vehicle’s occupants

  • A medical device, such as surgical mesh or joint replacement prostheses

Any product may, on occasion, be defective, either because of a design defect or a manufacturing error. As a result, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, time away from work, property damage, the death of a loved one, and general pain & suffering.

Who Can You Sue for Defective Products?

When you’re injured in an accident, it’s your attorney’s responsibility to prove fault in the accident so you can be compensated. If it was found that another driver was texting, for example, resulting in an auto accident, they will be responsible for your compensation. Similarly, your injury, illness, or a loved one’s death could be pinned on an individual, group of individuals, or even an entire entity. There are several options for who you can file a lawsuit against, including:

  • Retailer: Even though the store you bought the product may not have actually manufactured the product, it is their responsibility to ensure each of their products are safe and secure for their customers to use.

  • Middlemen: In a supply chain, there can be numerous “middlemen” that handle and distribute your product in between the manufacturer and the retailer. Whether it’s a supplier, wholesalers, or distributors, speak with your attorney to see if they may have had a part of causing your product to be defective and injure you.

  • Manufacturer: Much like the retailer and the middlemen, the product’s quality and safety standards begin at the manufacturer. Whether it’s an ingredient that wasn’t added with the right measurement or a lack of quality control for a pharmaceutical drug, the manufacturer may be at the root of your injury.

Regardless of your injury or who may have caused your pain and suffering, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible so they can look over your case to help you explore your options for filing a personal injury claim or lawsuit. My firm —Doug Cloud, Attorney at Law —in Tacoma, Washington has been helping people through their defective product cases for decades. I can help guide you to a favorable outcome, too.


If you or a loved one has been injured or killed while using a manufactured product, it is in your best interest to explore the possibility of holding the party at fault responsible. Preservation of the defective product is vital, so quick action is necessary. Schedule a free consultation today by filling out the submission form below or simply giving me a call.