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Whistleblowers Are An Important Ally In Health Care Fraud

There are billions of annual health insurance claims in the U.S., and trillions of dollars are spent on health care. When stakes are that high, health care providers, contractors, and businesses will try to increase profits. They can be tempted to increase profits by swindling the government or insurance companies. When it is time to reign them in, whistleblowers are an important ally.

It can be very profitable for health care providers to swindle insurance companies and federally funded programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and the Veterans Administration. Those programs provide billions of dollars’ worth of care. When a provider bills for work not performed or goods not delivered, it hurts taxpayers, people who are supposed to receive the services, and insurance premiums. Call Doug Cloud Law for help if you are a whistleblower.

You Might Be Entitled To Part Of The Settlement

If your actions contribute to the government recovering funds, you might be able to claim between 15 to 25 percent of the money that is recovered under the federal False Claims Act. This is the federal act used to combat fraud against the government. If your information leads to a successful False Claims Act, you may be entitled to a substantial share of the recovery.

We have litigated False Claims Act cases, and we have successfully sued powerful businesses and local governments. With decades of experience in employment law, attorney Doug Cloud knows how to contest these complex cases and protect your rights as a whistleblower. If you report illegal activities, he knows how to defend you against retaliatory acts and lawsuits.

Whistleblowers Help Prevent Fraudulent Medical Claims

Health care fraud happens at all levels. Prescription drug manufacturers have paid millions back to the government. Physicians, hospitals and providers have been charged with fraudulent billing, and for services that were not provided.

What Should You Report?

If you work for a health care provider and see illegal activities or something that does not seem right, you may want to talk to us. Suspicious activities may include for:

  • Treatment for minor injuries on consecutive days

  • Services not provided

  • Unnecessary medical equipment

  • Charges for workers for medical treatment on their claims

Health Care Fraud Can Be Stopped With Your Help

Whistleblowers make a difference. If you work for a health care provider in Washington and see fraudulent activities, call us or visit our contact page.