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A Reputation You Can Trust

If you’ve been seriously injured or have a problem in the workplace, we can help you. Don’t face the legal system alone.

Trusted Legal Representation When You Need It

When people have a legal issue or a potential lawsuit, they may hesitate to get advice from a lawyer, too often to their detriment. The hesitation arises from the fear of getting enmeshed in a complicated, expensive legal quagmire with no end in sight.

Our firm has over 36 years advising and representing people in the most difficult situations of their lives. We’ve represented a variety of clients when it matters most and are here to help educate and inform you to make better decisions about your case.

A Strong Reputation Throughout The Community

Our law firm has achieved outstanding results in all of the common situations in which ordinary people need legal representation. Our wide legal experience allows us to spot issues and solutions pertaining to a client’s legal issue that many other attorneys can’t identify.

We know that people can make the right decisions, but only if they have a full understanding of their legal situation and the risks and opportunities each legal strategy entails. We’re here to help.

We have helped clients throughout Tacoma. Let us put our knowledge to work for you.

Aggressive Representation And Compassionate Listening

Whether you are injured in an accident or have experienced retaliation for being a whistleblower, we are here to provide you with all of your options. No two cases are the same, and we will give you the individualized attention you deserve. We are responsive, accessible, and here to listen to all of your concerns, every step of the way.