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Tacoma Accident Attorney

Despite our love of cars in America, they remain dangerous to life and limb. More than 33,000 people die in car wrecks each year. At least 4,000 of these fatalities occur in accidents involving over the road trucks and tractor-trailer combinations. Another 4,000 pedestrians are killed in vehicle accidents. Many multiples of these numbers are injured, with some suffering lifetime injuries. Every state has its share of these tragic accidents.

The causes of car crashes are many: Driver inattention; excessive speed; mechanical failures; intoxicated or impaired drivers; unsafe roads; unsafe vehicles; and many other causes.

Doug Cloud has successfully represented people injured by automobiles or trucks for over 28 years. Doug has represented hundreds of clients in vehicle-related lawsuits for wrongful death, negligence and serious injury. He has held automobile manufacturers responsible when their vehicle designs have been proven defective, contributing to serious injury. Doug understands the medical issues that face those injured by the negligence of others.

Most people need representation in these situations, particularly for those with any significant injury. The sooner a lawyer is hired, the better the initial investigation can be. Evidence can rapidly disappear. Cars get repaired or destroyed and roadside debris and damage vanishes over time.

Ordinarily, these cases are taken on a contingent fee, so unless a recovery is made, no attorney fees are owed.1

It costs nothing for a free telephone consultation to discuss your situation. Don’t be taken advantage of by an automobile insurance company. Contact the Doug Cloud Law, Attorney at Law today at 253-753-2500.

1. Costs incurred in litigation are usually a client responsibility.