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Success Stories

$4,000,000 Settlement

$4 million settlement for a combined premises liability and product liability case involving two defendants. A product manufacturer who sold a defective product settled for $2 million. A landlord for the premises in which the injury occurred settled for an additional $2 million.

$1,200,000 Settlement

$1.2 million settlement from a school district for a traumatic brain injury sustained during a junior high school football practice. The traumatic brain injury was primarily caused by the negligence of the coaching staff who failed to remove a child from a football practice during which he sustained a concussion while participating in an early season football practice.

$4,050,000 Settlement

$4,050,000 settlement after a favorable jury verdict for violating the civil rights of two individuals who were wrongfully shot by a police officer. The shooting violated the civil rights of the injured parties as the shooting violated the United States Constitution which regulates the use of deadly force by police officers. The injured parties were offered less than 10 percent of the ultimate settlement shortly before the trial commenced.

$1,095,000 Settlement

$1,095,000 settlement for a person injured in a motorcycle and car chain reaction collision. In that case the defendant’s insurance company intentionally destroyed relevant physical evidence from one of the vehicles. Once that fact was established the defendant’s Insurance company had no choice but to settle the case.