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A Tireless Advocate For Victims Of Police Brutality And Misconduct

Doug Cloud Law is a firm dedicated to seeking justice in civil court for those who have been wrongfully injured. That includes victims of law enforcement misconduct and police brutality. In recent years, the American public has become increasingly aware of just how pervasive this problem is and how difficult it is for victims and their families to be heard and believed.

If you or a loved one has been victimized by those sworn to protect and serve, contact my firm to learn how I can help you seek accountability. Based in Tacoma, I serve clients throughout Western Washington.

Were Your Civil Rights Violated?

While police misconduct can result in severe physical injuries, it also violates the civil rights of average people and erodes public trust. I can help you investigate and seek accountability for:

  • Use of excessive force (police brutality)
  • Unjustified officer-involved shooting
  • Assault while in police custody
  • False arrest and unlawful detainment
  • Malicious prosecution

In my opinion, every police-related shooting or act of violence is inherently suspect. The only reason police can justify force is if there’s an imminent and immediate danger to themselves or other people. As bystander cellphone video has shown time and time again, however, police misconduct often happens in response to minor crimes or no crime at all.

I Am Ready To Do The Hard Work These Cases Require

Until body cameras became commonplace, nearly every case alleging police misconduct pitted the victim’s word against the officer’s. In the absence of hard evidence, officers were almost always given the benefit of the doubt. Even with body cameras, however, law enforcement agencies often have control of the most direct evidence and of the narrative surrounding events.

Police misconduct and brutality cases require a lawyer who can facilitate an independent forensic investigation, often collaborating with private investigators, witnesses and victims themselves. Based on my decades of legal experience – including my experience as a former prosecutor – I give these cases the attention and skill necessary to uncover the truth and hold the at-fault parties accountable in civil court.

Tell Me Your Story During A Free Consultation

Doug Cloud Law has helped recover millions of dollars on behalf of victims of police brutality. I will work just as hard to help you. To schedule a free initial consultation, contact me online or call my Tacoma office at 253-753-2500.